TK Class

In order to meet the demand for additional early educational programming prior to Kindergarten, The Nativity School opened its Transitional Kindergarten (TK) program ahead of schedule on August 31, 2020. The expedited opening seemed logical due to an increase in interest by families in the parish and North County and to help offset possible learning loss caused by the shutdown of preschool programming in the spring due to the pandemic. Heading our program is Cathy Towner, who came onboard this summer as our Early Education Director and TK teacher, making sure the program would be built properly from the ground up.  Mrs. Towner is recognized as one of the premier early education directors in North County.

Transitional Kindergarten offers families with students who fall outside of traditional age cut-offs, or who simply need an extra year of preparation, a “bridge” year between Pre-K and Kindergarten. Students in this program gain an extra year to grow in their academic, social, and/or emotional development in to be best equipped to meet expectations and confidently succeed in a traditional Kindergarten program. Our TK program is designed for those students who have completed our Preschool AND Pre-K program and still need that extra year. If your child isn’t able to join us for Preschool or Pre-K, TK acceptance will be on a case by case basis. Our TK program serves the student who turns five before December 31.