Schoolwide events are an important part of what makes The Nativity School experience so special. Not only are these events educational, but they form the basis of community building by allowing all of us to celebrate the most important thing we have in common -- the success and growth of our students.

Some key annual schoolwide events include:

  • Kick Off BBQ: Organized by our PTG, this event occurs in August before the school year begins and allows both new and veteran families to connect at the beginning of the year.

  • Back To School Night: As the school year begins, this event provides parents an opportunity to meet teachers, understand the grade level goals for the year, and sign up for the many volunteering opportunities.

  • Veterans Day Assembly: Each year, students recognize the veterans in our school and parish community. In conjunction with the history and language arts programs, our eighth grade students interview veterans over a hosted breakfast.

  • Student Wellness Week – Our school devotes a week of activities, programming, and events that focus on healthy choices, self-confidence, and self-respect.

  • Halloween Parade and Math Science Fair – Our Halloween parade gives our middle school students the opportunity to highlight the creativity of our students in a red carpet parade of costumes and fun, followed by a celebration of science and math activities organized by our PTG and staffed by parent volunteers.

  • Catholic Schools Week - National Catholic Schools Week celebrates Catholic education and kicks off the admissions season. Events typically include an Open House, pancake breakfast for our parish, themed dress days, an assembly, and a celebration of all those who help support our Catholic school experience.

  • Cultural Day – As one of our premier events, the campus is transformed with the help of our PTG into an international destination, complete with food, demonstrations, and activities! Past countries have included France, South Africa, Ireland, and the Philippines.

Back to School Picnic

Cultural Day - France

Veterans Day