Guided by The Diocese of San Diego's identified Power Curriculum Standards, California State Standards, and Common Core Standards, students at The Nativity School reap the benefits of a differentiated approach to learning with a Christ-centered focus. We know that a "one size fits all" approach does not serve our students best. Our commitment to providing unique learning opportunities develops the kind of learner agency we hope our students carry with them throughout their educational experience.

The years in the primary and intermediate levels (Grades K-5) are a time of growth and development in which many lifelong habits and attitudes are established. Nurturing a positive self-concept, fostering healthy social interactions and cultivating a love for learning are essential during these critical years. At The Nativity School, we pay special attention to the unique talents, learning styles, and motivations that drive each student. Small class sizes and excellent student / teacher ratios allow us to educate each of our students as individual persons, each with his or her own strengths and needs. Our curriculum is balanced but academically challenging, creating well-rounded individuals who are prepared to succeed in middle school, college preparatory high schools, and beyond.

The middle school years (Grades 6-8), mark the onset of adolescence, and demand a supportive learning environment. It is during the middle school years that the habits and skills acquired in earlier grades become essential as our students are challenged by progressively more demanding material. Our environment provides each student with a variety of teachers who are trained to cultivate the skills needed for high school in an atmosphere that supports, teaches and demands individual responsibility. It is the combination of our small class sizes, excellent student / teacher ratio, supportive environment and our balanced and academically challenging curriculum that prepares well-rounded individuals for the demanding college-preparatory high school programs they will find at the next stage of their education.

In addition, a highly qualified and nurturing faculty takes care at every stage to integrate the spiritual values that make us Catholic. In addition to our daily religion class, our faith is nurtured and practiced through thoughtful bible study, prayer and reflection. A specific focus on monthly virtues, weekly Mass on Friday, and reciting the rosary provides our students with the foundation to live out our school motto, “Where hearts and minds grow great and true”.