To enhance the student experience and open their eyes to new and interesting experiences, The Nativity School offers a number of activities and clubs. Activities range from sports to different cultural and historical projects, academic teams, and the arts. Clubs represent a time for students to step out of the traditional classroom and engage in something they may have never tried before or know nothing about. We offer extracurricular opportunities for students wishing to compete against other Diocesan schools via a sports program and academic teams (Academic Decathlon and National History Day). The Math Club allows students to test their knowledge against the peers on a national scale. Our arts and music teachers offer after-school enrichment classes and choir to nourish the children's creativity. Students have the opportunity to become altar servers for school and weekend Masses. The Nativity School is exploring STEM programming options to enhance student learning in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

The activities throughout the year accomplish not only learning goals, but also demonstrate our student’s willingness and excitement to share their knowledge with their parents and the rest of the school and parish communities. Individual opportunities can also be created at an individual class level and parent volunteers are welcome and crucial to a successful extracurricular program.