Principal's Message

Mr. Thiebach, Principal

Thank you for visiting our site. We are a Catholic elementary school nestled in Rancho Santa Fe, one of San Diego’s most beautiful communities. Our mission revolves around our role as the largest and most active ministry of our Church of the Nativity Parish, where the love of Jesus Christ and Catholic educational tradition helps students in preschool through the eighth grade grow as individuals, acquiring the skills and knowledge to develop into lifelong, practicing Catholics. Our campus is a reflective and vibrant place, perfectly suited for our school community. Small class sizes and a committed, talented staff allow all students and families to receive the attention they need to succeed in their learning. Instruction is differentiated to meet the needs and learning style of each child and the overwhelming majority of our graduates go on to attend one of the four area Catholic high schools, well-prepared for secondary education. In addition to our strong academic offerings, our students put faith into action through service and community events, compete on athletic and academic teams against other Parochial schools and worship through Mass, celebration of Feast Days and a number of events coordinated with our Catholic Identity committee. Give us a look and schedule a tour if you’re interested in a Catholic education for your children. I think you’re going to like what you find here at The Nativity School.  

Mr. Marc Thiebach, Principal

Pastor's Message

Father Mihn

Greetings in the Lord!

With this message I wish to greet all the members of the School Community of the Nativity School: the parents, the teachers and staff and especially the children.  The school is an integral part of the parish and is very important in the pastoral ministry of the Pastor.  It is the formal instrument of instilling the values that parents inculcate in their children; and the teachers in the school take the responsibilities of the parents, while the children are on campus, in pursuing the same goal.  In particular a Catholic School, like the Nativity School, has the unique mission of not only inculcating human values but, more importantly Christian values.  These Christian values are expressed in the evangelical virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity.  It is my fervent prayer and sincere desire that our children not only appreciate these Christian values, but that our whole school community help develop the same in the children not only in words but especially in their Christian lives, as members of the Catholic Church.  As your Pastor it is my hope, and I pray that this desire would be realized in the spirit of collaboration and cooperation of all of us,  under the auspices of the Holy Family who brought Jesus, Our Savior, into the world two thousand years ago, and continues to be present in our lives today and forever.

Fr. Agustin T. Opalalic