The Nativity School is a ministry of the Church of the Nativity, where the love of Jesus Christ and Catholic educational tradition guide the formation of students’ minds, bodies and souls to their full potential through spiritual direction, academic growth and Christian service.


We believe that…

  1. Parents are the primary educators of their children and the family’s commitment to partner with the school is our privilege.

  2. The true, the good, and the beautiful can be known, are rooted in reality, and find their full expression in the person of Jesus Christ.

  3. The development of a well-formed mind requires the application of the Catholic educational tradition in the context of high academic expectations with effective research based pedagogical approaches which incorporate the use of technology and digital resources.

  4. The experience and appreciation of beauty in music, visual, digital, and performing arts is an essential component in the formation of the heart and mind.

  5. A key component of education is the appreciation of each student’s individual gifts and differences.

  6. Athletics is integral to the student’s character building through the development of health, self-discipline, teamwork, humility, camaraderie, character and confidence. 

  7. All members of the school community are valued and served by recognizing their unique characteristics and respecting their individual dignity.

  8. Our committed community is an essential element in accomplishing our mission.  It is sustained by the generosity and charity of all its members and continues on in the larger family of our parish. 

  9. The purpose of discipline is the long term development of integrity of character, emotional maturity, and the responsible use of freedom.

  10. Success is realized when students use their gifts and talents to achieve their personal best in accordance with the will of God.