Our Faith in Action program focuses on students' growth and development in faith and service. We aim to create steadfast Christians and responsible citizens by focusing on our students' social emotional learning. Monthly virtues are aligned with a robust social emotional curriculum. This allows our students to participate in a series of lessons that aim at helping them discover character traits to live the Gospels, practice virtues, and follow Catholic traditions, while demonstrating respect and a desire to serve others and care for the environment.

Catholic Identity

We belong to the oldest establishment on the face of the earth. Our rich Catholic heritage gives us the truth and beauty to convey the most meaningful and comprehensive lessons to future generations. The Catholic identity at The Nativity School is strong and focused on the teachings of the Catholic church. Catholicism is not simply another church. It is transcendent human experience perfected and realized by the example of one perfect man who welcomes us into the most real experience of ourselves. We strive to share that joy, that hope, and that love with your children so that they might grow into the young men and women that God has called them to be.

Community Service

Community service plays a significant role in our student’s Faith in Action formation. Helping students to recognize that they are endowed with gifts and blessings by their Creator is not only an amazing and wonderful thing to consider, but it also helps grow responsible citizens who show compassion towards others. Throughout the year, the students have the opportunity to help various local non-profit organizations with service projects. Our middle school students are required to log their service in order to participate in the Presidential Service Award program. 

Social Emotional Learning and Character Development

We utilize the CharacterStrong advisory program (Grades 6-8) and Purposefull People toolkit (Grades TK-5) to address the needs of the whole child with a vertically aligned curriculum that teaches Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and character development simultaneously. This curriculum complements our virtue of the month focus in our religion curriculum.

SEL Competencies:Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, Responsible Decision-Making.

Character Development Competencies: Patience, Kindness, Honesty, Respect, Selflessness, Forgiveness, Commitment, Humility,

Faith in Action