Our low student to teacher ratio and personalized learning environment provides an excellent foundation for both students needing support and advanced learners. We provide dedicated support teachers to assist classroom teachers in grades 3-8 with literature, writing, and math. For students who require additional support, our Student Success Team (SST) is an invaluable resource equipped to assess and build in learning supports as needed.

Our Student Success Team (SST) offers a positive, team-oriented approach to assisting students with a wide range of concerns related to their school performance and experience. Headed by the Director of Learning Support and the SST Coordinator, SST identifies students who have unique learning needs. We believe that students are most successful when a cooperative effort exists between parents and school. In the spirit of shared responsibility, the SST meets regularly to discuss, problem solve, and enhance your child’s experience at school. Together, with input from the student's parents, they plan for educational strategies that may go beyond the regular classroom learning. Outside educational assessment may be recommended to pinpoint specific needs.