Award Recipient

National History Day California was held virtually this year, with 1,698 students participating from 29 counties, including 82 from San Diego County. Students chose their own topics related to this year’s theme, “Breaking Barriers in History". Students did original research using historical documents and artifacts, oral histories, Internet searches and library holdings, and some traveled to historical sites. They presented their work in several categories: exhibits, documentaries, websites, performances, posters or traditional research papers. Historians, educators and other professionals evaluated their work. After competing in district and county-level competitions, winners were named champions at the state level during the early summer. One of our current fifth graders was named as one of three state champions in the Elementary Poster division for her project titled “WASPs Break Army Gender Barriers to Help Allies Win World War 2". Her classmate received Honorable Mention at the County level for his submission in the same category entitled “Can You Hear Me Now? How CDMA Broke Capacity Barriers (Like Dynamite)”.