Temperature Check

After being forced to close our campus and finishing the 2019-2020 school year in distance learning, our community worked hard to reimagine what 21st century learning must look like in the coming years. We collaborated with the County Department of Public Health, Health and Human Services Agency, SD County Office of Education and Diocese of San Diego Office for Schools to adapt best practices, implement safety measures, trained all staff and moved a lot of furniture to give ourselves the chance to create a safe learning environment when the day came. That day was September 1st, 2020, as we welcomed back a total of 182 students in grades PS-8 while supporting 16 students who have chosen to remain in distance learning for the time being. A robust summer admissions season coupled with our dedicated and committed family community allowed us to fill most of our classes. We welcomed a total of 26 new families and 51 new students to a campus that practices all of the safety guidelines required by the County for a safe campus environment. 

We conduct health screening and temperature checks every morning upon arrival in our parking lot before allowing students to enter campus. We’ve installed six additional handwashing stations  to supplement the sinks found in a number of classrooms and in our bathrooms. All classrooms have had any unnecessary furniture and high contact areas removed, allowing us to distance all student and teacher desks art least six feet apart. Students and staff must wear face coverings while on our campus. Our maintenance and cleaning staff sanitizes and disinfects all common use areas on multiple occasions throughout each school day before a deep clean after everyone goes home. Students have been placed into modestly sized cohorts for their learning and social interaction. We’re proud to say that 100% of our teachers are back on campus teaching their students in-person while supporting those with their virtual learning as well. It feels good to be back and we look forward to a great year!